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  • michael
    Mar 1, 2006
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      out of admiration, i post the curriculum vitae of
      Farouk El-Baz. how could one man accomplish so much. his expertise
      in remote sensing brought him to my attention. if i could find his
      email i would invite him to join our forum. he could contribute very
      valuable info on many matters. he directed remote sensing of global
      arid lands, applying space sensing to archaeology, and understanding
      our solar system. probably he would be the most able to speak on the
      composition and particulars on the other planets, maybe whether or
      not mars is predominantly an iron-nickel alloy, or the red colored
      ore is just a surface deposit, possibly meteoric in origin? his work
      of sensing applied to archaeology in mesoamerica is especially
      interesting to us. i would like to know the depth of sand at cairo,
      or old heliopolis. he was born in zagazig egypt.


      while researching my cherokee heritage i noted that etowah was a
      word of cherokee, naming a city etowah tenn, and we have the unique
      and strange mound culture of north georgia. this was the heart of
      the cherokee nation, the appalachian region of the four states, with
      nc, ga, and alabama. chief john jolly saw the trend of encroahment,
      and apparently sold hiawassee island, and moved a portion of the
      tribe to lands into arkansas, founding the western cherokees. they
      were disgracefully forced along the trail of tears by greed, a
      civilized nation, most wore clothing like other americans, and were
      highly educated. by 1838 their treaty lands in ark were taken away,
      and they were pushed onto a reservation in oklahoma.
      the cherokee arrived earlier than i thought, by 1000 ce is cited
      by them. if the culture of the etowah mounds is early cherokee, then
      it appears much earlier than that, maybe as early as 3000 bce. i
      need to compare the etowah relics to andean and amazonian art works.
      lands like greece and peru have so much art and architecture from
      earlier ages, that its no wonder that all those people who occupy the
      lands later, are inspired and taught by what they see from the
      ancients. consequently, i expect that had the cherokee came from the
      andes, one might see styles and other diffusion carried over.