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7825Re: Maya Massacre at Cancuen,Guatemala

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  • E. F. Legner
    Dec 1, 2005
      Have wondered about the same thing. It is uncharacteristic. Have
      they dated the remains?
      --- In Precolumbian_Inscriptions@yahoogroups.com, "bobandjoany"
      <bobandjoany@y...> wrote:
      > The information in the news report is difficult to reconcile.
      > Maya warriors usually took royal persons as hostages for ransom or
      > extract tribute from the vanquished communities.The ornaments of
      > elite victims were tossed into the sacred pool with the
      > corpses.Invaders are usually intent on the acquistion of booty.The
      > above infers an internal revolt [all ritual and cultural items were
      > destroyed].
      > However A A Demarest claims that attempts were made to erect stone
      > wooden palisades.If the defences are concentrated in a relatively
      > area,they could have been erected to provide sanctuary against a
      > rebellion.If the attempt to construct fortifications was widespread
      > within Cancuen,the threat is likely to have been external.
      > Does anyone have access to information about the partly
      constructed walls?
      > Bob
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