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7402im back - more conjecture to stimulate the intellect

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  • mike white
    Oct 1, 2005
         well we got back home last night, and ive about recovered from the 8 day roadtrip to nc.  it was perfect weather, as usual. 
         i hope to get thru my backlog of group posts as i can. 
         have all read how the arctic ice is receding at an alarming rate, as paul reminded me, at 8% per decade, and maybe gone 125 years after this northern warm cycle began.  no doubt connected to the hurricane increases.  since it would seem that a gas would disperse uniformly according to density layer from the planet, around the globe.  why are hurricanes confined to the northern hemisphere seas, for the most part?  maybe i just dont hear of southern lattitude fierce storms, except in jack london.  he gave some vivid imagery, like a film in my mind.  all of this may point to imbalances in the axis, and masses of earth.  i may be the exception, but im happy about the ice melting, but think we as mankind must consider if we need to help the antarctic ice melt to stay in balance and equipoise on its axis and forces.   maybe scientists could detect imbalances, by careful measurements of gravity, magnetism, and electricty, using identical calibrated instruments, at various points on the globe.  if they all drift further to imbalance, then quakes, and ultimately poleshift might result.  just my feeling on it, with some study. 
         the facts discovered by those who investigate geomagnetism of lava strata, and the magnetic dip of ceramic pots - points to a definite conclusion, that there has been magnetic poleshifts in the past.  these may happen at the same time as the genetic bottlenecks.  ive read no convincing evidence to show that the magnetic poles of the earth can change, without the planet turning the same degree and position.  they can try models to test the theories.  throughout recorded history as far as i can determine true north of earth moves with magnetic earth.  be sure to put an iron core in the model, and iron in certain mountains on its face. 
         it seems reasonable to believe that at least three instances of the bible indicate the earth rolled or fell in space, or upon its axis.   heavens rolled up like a scroll, stars like the northern dragon, do suddenly appear to be thrown to earth, or the horizon actually.  nations and continents are flooded, while seabeds rise in other areas.  must be that great quakes occur during the same event, for the plates to move. 
         the oceans bulge at the poles.  i think its generally believed that the mass of water bulging our equator, is in response to the gravity of the sun.  i wonder if the bulge may be in proportion to the mass at the polar icecaps?   somebody should measure if the equator is wandering in proportion to magnetic drift.  early books gave the north pole being on the north of hudson bay? in canada.  its already drifted out to sea toward asia far from canada.  in my opinion it would take a disaster of such biblical proportions as a poleshift, to cause the breaks in recorded history.  history in sketchy prior to about 3,000 bce in the annals of the nations.  earlier events are considered mythology and tale.   duh!   mankind had to have been around for millions of years, but will lower it to 100,000s to those who insist.  5,000 years of history is a great enigma - how could this be?   the dark ages were 1,000 years ago, now we have put men on the moon - why could mankind not have done as much during any of the 1,000 year periods in his long history?  
         see, we have passed the lowpoint in man's fall from grace, the old stone age, and have began the upward cycle of the circle.  we dig down a few strata of our new continents, and find evidence to suggest that we have evolved upward, which is true, but certain doctrine suggest that there may be levels far below them in time on portions of the oldest continents, that become more cultured and wise the deeper that is dug. 
         i think at ica, paracas, and nazca, we may have artifacts and lands from these earlier times, that have been uplifted, and eroded, to expose the relics from these long distant times.  i still plan to investigate the patina at various sites in south america's andean and west coast regions.  it could be that certain minerals must be in the environment, but its the sun that bakes on the patina.  items that i have with patina display a perfect mirror of the heat of the sun from its east to west southern course, often thickest on the south and southwest for the northern hemisphere.  the north gets little to none normally.  
         we do know that the cold humboldt current now flows where a former warm current once did.  we have fossil andean oysters and corals to prove it.  a poleshift does explain this, ive not seen another compelling explanation.  unless velikovsky is proven correct, i accept the mystics report of the last full reversal ca 50,000 bce.  warm water marine species may date to before that time.  the patina would still be heaviest on the same side before and after the earth flips over, but if the magnetic field sets in layers of the patina it may hold the answer about the flip.  it may require a higher temperature to set a field of longterm duration, like lava. 
      Kind regards,
      Mike White

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