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7085Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] book review : frank hibben's 'the lost americans'

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  • mike white
    Aug 1, 2005
         my bison looks closer to those depicted in the altamira cave of 14,000 years ago.   much older than the tang dy of 600-900 ce.   if so, its value is much greater, if authentic.  it certainly is not a water buffalo. 
         dr hibben mentions that the first question people ask when any ancient relic is found is 'how old is it?'   this compels scientists to make an educated guess, sometimes not so erudite.   it might be wiser for them to sometimes admit the age is unknown. 
         like the petroglyphs rafael showed us from the san rafael swell.  they classified them as drawn by the fremont culture fairly recently.  several years ago i read cayce as saying that men of 10 million years ago left drawings in the four corners area of the southwest, that could still be seen to the present day.  he never indicated the specifics.  out of curiosity i reviewed rock art over the area.  it was my opinion then, and now, that a series of drawings were the work of this group.  they include those at horseshoe canyon, and the similar ones at the san rafael swell.  these are distinctive and unique, depicting long robed men. 
         i realize that spending time on subjects like atlantis, and men contemporary with dinosaurs, open us somewhat to ridicule , but the evidence for both is compelling enough to warrant a fair hearing, and an open discussion.  its very possible that our experts are wrong on both issues.  the preponderance of evidence begs us to consider the alternative views.  its more incredible that the extinctions of so many species would have been complete, than it is that some species survived much longer.  the dinosaurs may have persisted down to pleistocene times, and mankind may have began earlier than thought.  the evidence denying these possibilities is no stronger, than those supporting the contentions.  better to stand on the minority side, than be classed with a foolish majority, until hard proofs come forth that are undeniable.  the march of science keeps pushing back the advent of man.  its almost a joke now to continue to call the americas the 'new world'.  that asians populated the americas, when we keep finding older cities and relics in the americas than have been found in china.  as a simple truth seeker, none of my theories are carved in stone.  they are daily subject to change, as i weigh the facts and investigate the possibilities.   in my writings i have noticed that the strong case that i built some years before gets altered as new findings come forth.  some might see this as a weakness to my scholarship, but i think it proves the honesty of my search for truth.  i dont supress proofs contrary to my views, i alter my opinions.  im anxious to explore south america and mexico, to see firsthand the ruins and relics.  who knows, i may change my mind on giants, atlantis, and contemporary dinosaurs - but i really think i will become more convinced. 
      Kind regards,
      Mike White
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