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  • mike white
    Jul 1, 2005
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         the name of the classic ocean liner confuses that of the country. 
         explorers may have overlooked some grand ruins in mauritania.  this poor arid land is well placed for greatness in a former age, before the sahara desert expanded.   it has access to a long sea frontage on the north atlantic ocean.   no mention has been found about signs of an ancient port.  burrows' cave suggests that voyagers from this vicinity reached america. 
         many things point to a time when the lower and western lands were not covered by the sands of the sahara.  most of tunisia was fertle breadbasket down thru byzantium times in the north, then desertification spread from a center latitude line, affecting a steady advance north and south.  the sand dunes are moving east to west across the sahara.  cities west of the dunes will be covered soon.  on the eastern edge of the dunes long covered ruins are coming to light. 
          prorok found occupation of a wide band across the lower sahara during paleo and neolithic times.  he then jumps to roman times to complete the stratas down to arab times.  i think the expeditions were not fortunate enough to find possible grand ruins from the 10,000 bce taureg domination.  the population density decreased in tune with the loss to the desert of fertle lands.  the diversion of the nile river must have sped the process of desertification. 
      Kind regards,
      Mike White
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