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6706Native Tongues - kval 13 news by Sarah Ferren

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  • james m. clark jr.
    Jun 1, 2005
      Well, it's not the subscription version,
      but it will have to do. Heck I might even
      send this to Joe, perhaps he may know a
      quilifed scholar that would love this job.

      be well,


      May 31, 2005

      Native Tongues
      By Sarah Ferren

      Eugene -
      Lane Community College will be the first in Oregon to offer an
      American Indian language course, thanks to a $1 million gift from an
      anonymous donor.

      Interest income from the donation will be used to invite an Indian
      scholar to spend a year at the school planning the new language

      LCC has not decided which language it will offer. That will depend
      on the background of the person who teaches it. But Lane Community
      College President Mary Spilde says it will be a language spoken by a
      Northwest tribe. The college hopes to choose a scholar by this

      Ultimately, the college hopes that students will be able to apply the
      credits earned from the program to the language requirement for a
      bachelor's degree.

      Only about six of the 25 tribal languages that existed in Oregon
      before Europeans arrived are still spoken, mostly by elders.

      Teaching the languages in college is seen as a way to preserve the
      languages and learn about Native American culture and history.

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