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6617Re: Yuchi = Yueh Chi?

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  • luis_browne
    May 11, 2005
      --- In Precolumbian_Inscriptions@yahoogroups.com, "james m. clark jr."
      <jameyboy@m...> wrote:
      > As far as in North American ethmology I am curious about the Dan
      > River in Virgina as well as the one in central America. The one in
      > Centural America appears to be of non-spanish origin and the one in
      > Virgina doesn't appear to be english in an ethmology dictionary of
      > place names, but I'll need to double check that one to make sure
      > considering the Mandan of a more southeastern origin perhaps.

      I can help you with that one. The illustrious surveyor William Byrd,
      Esq. of Virginia gave it that name as a bibical allusion in the early
      1700s. He also named the town of Eden on the Dan River for the
      resemblence of the landscape to the bibical paradise.

      He just made it up, no ethmology involved.
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