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5048Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Re: The Last Inland Sea

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  • Joan Butcher
    Feb 2, 2005
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      THe ice dams,which contained the numerous glacial lakes were breeched at various times throughout the latter stages of the last glacial maximum [23000-16000bce] and the Younger Dryas [ended circa 9600bce].There were at least three that broadly coincided with Lake Ontario.One cascaded down the Mississippi and the other two debouched along the Hudson and St Lawerence Rivers.Have not sighted many articles on lakes on the western praires of Canada,but your suspicion that there was more than one glacial lake in that region is probably well founded.Where the eastern and western icesheets merged would have been an extremely active and fluid area,when the ice melted.

      mike white <infoplz@...> wrote:
        an excellent site on the inland sea that covered the midwest, especially related to kansas.  he seems fairly certain the sea became dry land circa 65 million years ago.  i wonder if they could discern if the sea flooded the area several times?  the fossil hunters were keen for the dinosaur era reptiles and marine life, and maybe neglected to note more modern insignificant specimens?  then date the sea based upon the huge older fossils that are more fascinating? 
         im not convinced yet that an inland sea did not result several times, the most recent due to glacial depression of the continental plate during the several ice-ages.  otherwise its hard to account for the absence of ancient human habitation over this large midwest, or south central region. 
         in my brief review of the site, i saw no mention of the fossils of megfauna reported.   only sharks and marine fossils from the pleistocene were noted.  one would expect if the area had been dry land for the last 65 million years to have the full range of megafauna fossils.  something is wrong with the scenario given, imho. 
         i invited this gentleman to join us.  it wouldnt hurt to have a paleontologist among us, to give us his perspective. 
      Kind regards,
      Mike White

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