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4712Samsar = Magyar?

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  • brewmeister999@yahoo.com
    Dec 2, 2004
      Mike, you said in an earlier post, " cayce once spoke briefly about
      the common language of mankind in the early world that was almost
      divine, and the name he gave may have been sansar, or something
      similar, as i recall."

      A friend just sent me this incredible link that may be just a bit TOO
      incredible, but sometimes the truth is buried in the haystack...


      A snip from the first (of several) pages:


      "Humanity has visited our planet a number of times in the past. Proof
      lies in a Metal Library concealed under the Andes mountains in
      Ecuador. It is written in the parent language of Mankind—Magyar!—the
      language of Atlantis!"

      Juan Moricz


      A fun read, if nothing else!

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