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  • Azizah El
    Apr 2, 2004
      In the name of Peace, Love, Truth, Freedom and Justice

      I am Azizah El. For today I dwell in the region of Amexem known today
      as New Mexico. The Mother Priclple of the founders of The New Ancient
      Order Of Amexem, I moderate our e-group:

      I enjoy reading and research of ancient lands and people. I am very
      interested in your research. Understanding that documenting and
      futher understanding of the past is important, I wish to assist in
      any way possible to further research.

      I am an affliliate of the Lady Bey Life Long Learning Center in North
      Amexem. They are doing many things in the
      way of research and I would be glad to introduce your groups to each
      contact info:
      Attn: Research Dept.

      As for other interest I enjoy art and films.
      I look forward to building with you. Please feel free to join our
      discussions as well.

      With Honor and Without Prejudice,
      Azizah El
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