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4350Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] welcome new members

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  • mike white
    Dec 2 10:06 PM
         for the sake of the new members, i will bring up some thoughts that were posted in the past.  first, its unlikelt that there was a single beringian walk across the aleutian chain.  i cite john muir in his book, 'voyage of the corwin', wherein he states that native craft have made the crossing back and forth every year since time immemorial.  there never was a barrier that prevented crossing.  there is no reason to think that the clovis people crossed into america via that route.  more points were found in the east.  there is no evidence to suggest that america was ever without a human population. 
         im familiar with the hieroglyphics that you mention in australia.  unlike some, i think they are genuine.  i wish them luck trying to protect the site.  its incredible that no archaeologists have sought for the royal tomb referred to in the inscription. 
         it recently came to my mind that fired pottery may well contain microscopic carbon particles that could be dated.  many paints used in early times contained organic and mineral products.  it should be possible for a lab to date the organic elements of the compound.   its high time that accepted dates were challenged using new methods. 
         i hope the new members will join in our informal discussion.  be sure to view our files and links sections. 
         bernardo has rescheduled his excavations at tiwanaku, and we hope to be hearing more details later.  his photos of artifacts his team have found, and those photographed in bolivian museums, are extremely interesting to the group. 
      Kind regards,
      Mike White

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