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  • reinoud dejonge
    Dec 1, 2003

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      December 1, 2003

      Mike said:

      there are numerous proofs that man was active in the americas far before 2300bce. dating the beringian walk by the date of baskets found at caral in peru, might be reaching. there is evidence that men hunted camels in the andes as early as 21,000 bce. many proofs that men hunted megafauna, such as mastodons and mammoths. this could easily go back ten thousand years. in all fairness, i have just started the book, and maybe misunderstood you.


      Michael White


      Hi Mike, and others,

      The information you give is completely right, but this was not known to the Egyptians and Megalith Builders of Europe, between c.3200 BC and c.2600 BC. It has been proven that Japanese and Chinese boats sailed along the West Coast of North America to Ecuador as early as c.3000 BC. But this was not known in Egypt and Europe either. So, the Egyptian and Megalithic discovery of America via the Bering Sea (Bering Strait and Aleutian Islands) is c.2600 BC, and the discovery of America via the Atlantic is just a little bit later, c.2500 BC. The Egyptian and Megalithic discovery of Australia is c.2700 BC, so about a century before their discovery of America. This has been confirmed by Egyptian petroglyphs with hieroglyphs, c.100 miles north of Sydney, at the east coast of Australia.


      Reinoud de Jonge


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