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4320Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] The Eye or Egg

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  • geodowser
    Nov 3, 2003
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      nice comparison , do note that  the belt of Orion _is_ visible to the  naked eye....
      ignore my previous suggestion...........
      how ever in presenting an idea such as this if you import your picture
      into a graphics program you can circle/illustrate the focus.
      then include the additional photo for comparison....
      -if so how could the early Egyptians know about a
           phenomenon which Hubble now shows you
      original Message -----
      From: Mobydoc
           This URL is  Dr Doug Johnstone's Home Page...
      i couldnt figure the relevance of above website.....
             This URL is the [Eye or Egg] Photo-ed by Hubble in 1997
          All I have ever tried to say was and still do ...can anyone see the   
          similarities ...if so how could the early Egyptians know about a
           phenomenon which Hubble now shows you ;
          Look at the centre of the Star-map-chart and URLs
           Then tell me what you see O/K ^!^
                                    Pat / Moby



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