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4267Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Re: Norse Axe from Tor Bay near Canso

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  • mike white
    Oct 3 12:19 AM
         i think it was the beardsmore relics.  incredible that they would sooner think they were planted.  
         the steel still surprises me.  this was the time of the crusades when knights from western europe went up against the saracens, and were ill-matched against the damascas steel of the latter. 
         yes the vikings reached far eastward in europe too, conquering kiev. 
         i think barry fell thought the fletcher stone inscription was basque. 
         finns and huns probably served as seaman on these viking expeditions west.  their cultural origin being magyar/scythian - it is to be considered that they brought with them superior knowledge of the geography and navigation of the western ocean.   there is reason to think these people sailed there before the vikings.  the only scientific evidence i can offer is the linguistic prevalance of scythian words as the roots of many native american tribes. 
         im a mystic as well as a scientist, considering metaphysics as the natural advanced study of science, so my area of study is wider.  i try to offer up those thoughts that find some support within both fields.  i know that this material is not your choice for inclusion in your book - but you may find it interesting ...
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