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4259Re: Norse Axe from Tor Bay near Canso

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  • Terry J. Deveau
    Oct 1, 2003
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      Mike, thanks a lot for your post. It is a bit confusing, but the so-
      called "Runic Stone" from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (also called the
      Fletcher Stone) is an artefact totally unrelated to the Tor Bay axe;
      they were found at opposite ends of the Province (about 600 km apart).

      The Fletcher Stone is a very interesting artefact in its own right,
      as it does appear to have characters engraved on it, but they are
      evidently not Norse runes from a recognizable futhark.

      The Tor Bay axe has three so-called "wend runes", and a number of
      other designs that were interpreted by Strandwold as "secret runes",
      but which appear meerely as geometric patterns to the uninitiated.

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