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  • philippinestudies
    Jun 6, 2002
      To the Discussion Group on American Prehistory :

      ABSN, Ancient Baybayin Scripts Network, has invited you and your
      forum for an open forum exchange and discussion on the ancient
      writing scripts of the Philippines. Get diverse perspectives on news
      and updates on the current situation of Baybayin(Alibata)scripts of
      today. Meet fellow people interested in the ancient art of writing
      Baybayin in the many languages of the Philippines.Alibata, as known
      by many, is a popular topic that can range from tattoos,art, fashion
      design, computer fonts,Philippine Studies, and indigenous bridges
      that bonds all peoples to the natural beauty of Philippines. We
      welcome academic conversations in Pre-Hispanic Philippine Literature,
      Philippine Pre-History, Analysis on Extinct,Living, and Endangered
      Scripts of the Philippines, different aspects of Ancient Philippines,
      Austronesian Linguistics,and other historical topics that you may
      want to share with the network group. The discussion about current
      and past Philippine educational programs, constitutional law,
      regulations, political policies that affect the greater understanding
      of Baybayin/Alibata Scripts is always accepted at ABSN, Ancient
      Baybayin Scripts Network.

      Be part of our Alibata/Baybayin Discussions and diverse Philippine
      History Conversations with the ABSN: