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2431spiro and etowah dating

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  • aumsparky
    Dec 5, 2001
      its truly a shame that the main mound at spiro, the craig mound,
      was looted and the site destroyed in 1933. it was the specific mound
      that cayce said to look closely at the artifacts, for significant
      clues to how advanced these people were. normally only 3 mounds are
      shown, but there are 12-15 or more. a group of 8 mounds are high on
      a ridge nearby. these are dated by the experts to 850ad to 1450ad.
      the same pros suggest close ties to the caddoans and the southern
      mississippian cultures. etowah is also considered part of the same
      grouping. this seems wrong to me personally. they certainly could
      have had trade with one another, and cultural diffusion, where there
      was overlap in their occupation of the sites chronologically. the
      etowans used iron, a fact mostly unmentioned. from the cultures made
      evident by the artifacts, to that of the tribes when first contacted
      by whites, there is a vast gulf and such a degradation as only a
      longer period of time would account for.