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2195Re: Voyage Phoenician

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  • michael white
    Oct 2, 2001
      hi bernardo

      i dont know about others, but i have no idea what you are talking
      about. your posts to this forum are fragmentary, leaving no clear
      idea of what you are attempting. it vaguely sounds like you have
      constructed a cedar boat, with thoughts of early phoenician travel.
      what will this prove?


      --- In Precolumbian_Inscriptions@y..., "Bernardo" <platon@c...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > 2ª Part
      > We have several planes and data, the problem is that we don't know
      > Phoenician, Carthaginian, used Brass. We have solved 80 percent for
      the construcion.I could not warn before because the topic was very
      > If I don't get more data , we will make everything of cedar. I
      will send them the models that I plan to make.
      > If they have some opinion, I want to you send it to me. I don't
      still consider, if I will invite manufacturers of Half Orient , or of
      here. If we arrive well in the Atlantic, I am planning to ascend for
      the coast until Centro América. The topic is not easy, but we are
      resolved to make it.
      > I have lost a lot of time requesting planes to a lot of people,
      many didn't have, but others
      > they didn't believe. Now I don't have many problems. Now a lot of
      people want to intervene. It is very late.
      > They don't know what we can make. .
      > Sincerely
      > Bernardo
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