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  • mike white
    Jul 23, 2014
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         just a little follow-up on ancient harbors.  tyre is no longer an island.  it now has a wide mole connecting it to the mainland.  a further reading, informs me, that the island had a spring on it.  later the tower of hiram was built over it, to protect it.  tyre now has no fully protected harbor, where before as an island, it commanded two harbors.  sidon has two smaller harbors created by two jetties.  both ports now have minimal traffic. 
         tyre has a fascination for me.  it has suffered many reverses.  perhaps the worse, was at the hands of alexander.  he destroyed the city, crucified 2,000, deported any others, and replaced them with greeks.  he was insulted, when they refused to permit him to worship at the altar of heracles.  he would likely have spared the temples.  if they are gone, it was probably the byzantines, the crusaders, or the muslim.  the images on google earth, show lots of stone funeral monuments, crumbling with age.  i bet there were many tombs rich with relics from the millennias, when tyre, was among the richest city-states.  most were probably looted long ago. 
         i wish we had an approximate date, for when tyre began making silk textiles, perhaps sometime between 1800 bce, and 500 ce. 
         if it was folks from tyre, that became the shang dynasty, they may have been reluctant to share the secrets of the silk industry.  more profit for them, to become the supplier.  so even a late start in silk for tyre, means nothing. 
         noah built a boat in 24,000 bce.  men have sailed the oceans for at least that long.  the river within ocean notion of the ancient greeks, proves they understood the basics of ocean travel.  the earliest charts or maps yet found, are the most accurate, even for locations in the new world - but so old that they show antarctica without ice, the same with old ports in northern canada. 
         it took our generation longer to relearn old wisdom, and sail far from land.  homer told that the heroes knew what season to sail to a place, and which star to steer by.  the old mariners only worried when the pall of night blacked out the stars.  the ships carried birds to release, just as did noah, to indicate if there was land nearby, and in which direction. 
         the old ships had sails and rowers.  they could sail upon ocean currents, row out of doldrums, or up rivers.  they had the secret of a keel, and carried ballast.  they knew to pick the season when the current direction was favorable. 
         the ships of columbus, lacking oars, were not as reliable as the ancient design.  it was important to carry sufficient food and water, allowing for calms, and unfavorable winds and currents.  the rowers also served as soldiers, if the landings were unfriendly. 
         an old salt can know of land over the horizon, by the wave alignments, position of clouds, and flights of birds.  a saga or epic tale was designed to tell of the landfalls met on a sea voyage.  the odyssey described a clockwise course around the mediterranean sea. 
         men of tyre kept the secret of voyages to the americas, for thousands of years.  had they met with other voyagers on the atlantic ocean, they would have killed them to protect the secret.  this may be part of the reason that icean voyages were not published until 1492 ce.  spain made a big mistake when they released the information.  soon pirates from many nations lay in wait for their galleons. 
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         by 50 bce, julius caesar, and wealthy romans were wearing silks from china.  wise statesmen were lamenting the massive transfer of money to the orient.  there was fear that it was ruining their economy, much as its doing here today. 
         in the early centuries of the roman empire, trade with china was carried out by caravans, and via sea trade thru egyptian ports on the red sea. 
         its a mystery that the persians and sumerians, had not captured the profits from the silk trade.  they had access to the silks and spices of east asia from the earliest times, thru their ports on the persian gulf. 
         the silk industry is very complicated, and not something that sailors or traders could learn in a short time.  no doubt but precautions were made to protect its secrets. 
         circa 1800 bce, the shang, began arriving near shanghai.  these foreigners used western semitic script, the same as used by the phoenicians on their potters' marks.  they kept coming in great numbers, their river towns extended deeper into the country.  they brought the bronze age to china, as well as chariots, and iron weapons.  the academics have yet to identity the origins of the shang.  in time, the shang took over china, with several centuries of rule by the shang dynasty. 
         by 500 ce, there were silk factories in tyre.  even the romans commented how great was the luxury enjoyed by the tyreans.  its also given in ecclesiastes and samuel in the bible. 
         for a while, tyre may have controlled israel, and its port on the red sea.  this would have allowed its ships to explore india and china.  even today, that port could be very valuable.  its odd, that solomon never developed that port more fully.  he likely allowed hiram of tyre to use it. 

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