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12160Fw: [Ancient-Mysteries] moons of jupiter

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  • mike white
    Jun 7, 2014
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      Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2014 7:06 PM
      Subject: [Ancient-Mysteries] moons of jupiter


           decades ago, i read that the fibonaci series of numbers had revealed one of nature's secrets.  applying this to the solar system predicted that there had been a planet between mars and jupiter, that has been destroyed.  this has been discussed before. 
         we have also spoke of a moon of jupiter having an ocean larger than any on earth.  the experts have now determined that 3 moons of jupiter may have water.  europa may have both an ocean, and oxygen in the atmosphere. 
         science has taught us that life on earth began in the sea, then to amphibians, finally to all creatures on the land.  from this, we have visioned that comets can carry life to barren worlds. 
         its very possible, even likely, that when the planet was destroyed, the largest fragments, containing part of the iron core, attracted part of the ocean of that world to it, containing life.  the gravity of jupiter captured these moons, along with any germs of life within their seas.  we know them as europa, titan, and ganymede. 
         one of the links below tell us within 8-10 years nasa may send a robotic submarine to europa, to explore its ocean.  this is very exciting news!  we could be in for wonderful discoveries, life on alien worlds. 
         in a future age, one of these planets may crash into jupiter.  after a while, jupiter may eject the new planet from its red eye, back into the asteroid belt, to resume its station.  there it will recollect debris, growing in mass, until it has a semblance of its former self.  a plane of existence will be returned to man, for between lives evolution.