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12159k-pg event

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  • mike white
    Jun 6, 2014
         our lads have changed the name of the so-called k-t extinction, to the k-pg event, yet they still believe it occurred 66 mya, and made the dinosaurs extinct. 
         i submit that they may have jumped to conclusions, with no compelling proofs.  i've brought this issue up before, but remain hopeful that more might be added, to get it reconsidered. 
         edgar cayce gave much information about the time of 50,000 bce.  before the poleshift that happened then, men were menaced by large reptile predators.  the people got together to find methods to destroy them.  they developed a death ray, and began to use explosives in that day.  they destroyed the eggs in the nests.  often the eggs were laid in caves.  cayce told that while using these means to kill the beasts and eggs, there was a huge methane explosion, that caused a poleshift.  it may have been near the time of the cyclic poleshift anyways, caused by the mass of ice at the poles.  with the imbalance, it may require less to cause a poleshift. 
         before the poleshift of 50,000 bce, the sun rose in the west, and set in the east.  peru was in the northern hemisphere, europe was in the southern. 
         the words of cayce should carry as much weight, as the scant proofs that our scientists grasped at to forge their extinction event scenario.  the poleshift was not caused by a cosmic impact.  iridium and meteoric clay had been collecting on the seafloor for some time before the poleshift.  it is water soluable, and rain carries it to the seafloor.  poleshifts, particularly, one of 180 degrees, always are attended by large waves or tsunamis that sweep over the continents.  these powerful waves strip away the deposits of ages on the land, leaving the meteoric clay and iridium carried there from the seafloor.  its quite possible that the waves stripped away deposits down to the surface of 65 mya, to lay the bones of the reptiles killed by the poleshift of 50,000 bce. 
         i ask our experts to at least consider this hypothesis, and test it thru scientific means, to determine if it could be valid.  all of the proofs that they have been ignoring of men coexisting with the large reptiles, can then be reexamined.  dr cabrera of ica peru begged the scientists to come there to see a strata deposit that showed the fossil bones of men in the same undisturbed strata with those of dinosaurs - but they refused to investigate it.  the ica stones depicted men with dinosaurs, just as did the figurines of acambaro mexico, but all were discredited offhand.  there was no motive to create thousands of relics. 
         what i have described above is much more credible, than the mainstream opinion, that the surface of 66 mya is now so near the current surface.  it is time to correct a major blunder!   truly, they have no idea when the dinosaur kill-off occurred, nor can they accurately date the impact at yucatan.  its all a house of cards.  we all suffer, when science jumps to false conclusions.  such fallacies spill over to all related earth sciences.   a better scientist would not be ashamed to say, we do not know.  our lads always plug in a guess.  the next generation treats the guesses as facts.