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12157Fw: [Ancient-Mysteries] age of rivers - orogeny

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  • mike white
    May 21, 2014
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      Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 7:26 PM
      Subject: [Ancient-Mysteries] age of rivers - orogeny



         i think there is a good possibility that the ohio, missouri, and mississippi rivers, are fairly new rivers.  much of the expert opinion on the age of the missouri river is based upon their theory of when the laramide uplift occurred.  in other words, the missouri river is supplied by snow and ice melt in the rockies, and can be no older than the uplift of the rockies.  the mystics report the rockies are a new range of mountains, no older than 52,000 years.  the geologists say 70-45 mya.  for portions of the last 52,000 years inland seas reached deep into the midwest.  during the eras when an inland sea existed, of course, the rivers did not flow in their current beds. 
         in prehistoric times, the sea had reached cincinatti, even detroit, which has deep salt beds under it.  even during moundbuilder times, the sea was close enough to ohio for them to have ample shells and tropical birds.  distant trade is just a guess.  our lads report a large lake once covered part of their region more recently than the sea. 
         the report of a geologist examining the riverbed cutting in the headwaters of the mississippi, said it cant be more than 18,000 years old.  it may have dumped into an inland sea, so we can't assume the lower course of river is as old. 
         its common for global sealevels to change every time there is a poleshift.  continents take turns on the seafloor, and all coastlines change.  lands moved closer to the equator are often flooded by the bulge. 
         the shape of north america has changed often in the last 52,000 years. 

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