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12156Vinland before America

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  • wmsmithrock1
    May 17, 2014
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      Hi All- The very little talked about fact on the Kensington Rune Stone is the standard of measurement. (One Day North), (Far to The West) (14 Days, to the inland sea). In 1362 and 1472 the Portuguese and Danish used League's to express distance. One league at that time was considered how far a 5 foot 9 in. tall man could see when standing at sea level and looking at a shore line in the distance. (About 3 mile), Also a league was the distance a person could walk on land in one hour. (About 3 miles). When you do the math (One day North) =24 x3 or 72 miles. (14 Days, to the inland sea) = 24x14x3 or 1008 miles. For additional information look up the history and use of the league during this time frame. It is also the common measurement used in the treaty between Spain and Portugal in 1494. It states to claim new land you build a tower (Newport) and place a marker 370 leagues west of this tower (note: on pole lines). this indicates they were using geoid technology to aid in establishing longitude distance. Geoid technology is using a globe and pole angles between pole lines and latitude points for reference. Then triangle calculation could provide an estimated distance. The 370 leagues is 370 x 3 miles/league or 1110 miles between pole lines. The location of the KRS is very close to this measurement at the pole lines on the 46 degree latitude.