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12152Google Earth Image - buck farm canyon az

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  • mike white
    Apr 30, 2014
       examine the erosion of buck farm canyon az, just upstream from the grand canyon.  look closely at the rim, its serrated by flood waters flowing over the rim.  a river cut doesnt leave this pattern.  this was a surface flood flowing into the canyon from the rim.  had we shown this to a geologist, without telling him the location on the colorado river, he likely would have given a correct assessment.  there was definitely a great flood here.  its not necessary to conclude the cause and the date, to come to this firm conclusion.  there must have been a huge body of water released from the north, in utah. 
       the only clue on dating the event is from the mystic phylos, who said a great lake existed in this region circa 11,500 bce.  im of the opinion, so far, that it being huge surface water rushing south-southwest, points to a plate tilt, rather than a dam breakage.  taking gps elevation readings along the old shoreline, north of horseshoe bend az and into utah, should confirm or deny my hypothesis.  a high sheet of water swept across az and nv, far from any river, leaving the top of mesas to show the former surface level. 
        this was only one of the major disasters to hit the southwest.  no doubt but there was great loss of life, both animal and man from this event.  i still hold that there was another disaster that caused the megafauna kill-off.  likely it occurred before the event we discuss here.  a cosmic impact or glancing blow in the caribbean sea, sent great tsunamis across the southwest, all the way to alaska and perhaps into siberia.  this earlier event probably left the huge basins of water in ut and az.  this would seem to account for two separate disaster events.  the large populations then in mexico and peru were likely reluctant to repopulate the region for several millennias. 
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