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  • mike white
    Apr 29, 2014
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         im surprised that i can post such provocative stuff, yet get no comment.  maybe yahoo is not sending them to me again, i will check. 
         there were some huge lakes or inland seas trapped in basins, primarily in utah, in recent geological times.  it seems clear to me.  the google earth image seemed compelling.  when the bank was cut thru south of horseshoe bend az, it erupted like a shotgun blast, with a huge wall of water, that apparently swept away up to 3,000 feet of rock from marble canyon.   carrying so much rocky debris with the wall of water, well explains the destruction seen in the grand canyon. 
         no way did the colorado river, acting alone, could have carved out marble canyon, and the grand canyon.  shame on our experts for believing such nonsense. 
         another strong possibility, is the hotspot under wyoming and idaho, had an uplift of magma, tilting the plate, causing the huge lake, as large as a state, to spill to the south.   a preliminary examination of the former bench marks of the old shoreline, look to be tilted, with higher elevation to the north.  a field survey could easily determine if this is true.  it would explain the final event of the vast flood erosion of our southwest.  our lads are convinced that fresh water run-off from the mountains, over time and evaporation, left the vast amounts of salt that cover hundreds of thousands of square miles in the southwest.  it wasnt over millions of years, but merely thousands. 
         don't the professors encourage students to think for themselves?  such great fallacies make our entire generation look bad.  the only way to get an accurate answer from a geologist, is do like they did with the sphinx, show a photo, without a location, and ask, what caused the erosion?  otherwise, we get parroted dogma. 
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      Subject: [Ancient-Mysteries] Google Earth Image - ancient flood [1 Attachment]


         here we have a screenshot of the region above and below horseshoe bend az.  the riverbed above has not cut as deep or wide as that below horseshoe bend az. 
         in arid lands, a river loses volume thru evaporation along its course.  we might expect it to be deeper and wider upstream, than below, but this isnt the case.  it appears to have been an inland sea trapped in a basin, with fresh water flowing into it.  the former shore benches can be traced.  a river flowing into a lake doesnt cut a deeper bed. 
         below horseshoe bend, one can see how the bed fanned-out, wider and deeper, as if a much larger flood was involved.  there may have been two separate sea basins, one mainly in utah, the other in az and nm.  when they cut thru their dams, great floods of water were released.  during a quake the rock may have cracked, or vertical plate movement was involved.  this could have released floods from the basins. 
         the grand canyon was likely eroded from the inrush of seawater from an older event, and further eroded from its run-off.  then again later when the huge volume of water escaped from the basins. 
         much remains unknown of the causes for these events, and the dramatic climate change in the region.  chaco canyon had been well-watered and fertile fairly recently, to have supported the anazasi culture.  today it is arid and inhospitable. 
         our lads seem to be in error on when the rocky mts uplifted.  this fallacy adds to the confusion.  the salt river floods that still occur erratically are also puzzling.  the hohokam prospered around tempe for a long period, before some event ruined the land, forcing them to relocate to poverty point la.   
         as far as im concerned, the colorado river alone cannot account for the massive flood erosion seen in the grand canyon.  the surface above the rim also shows flood erosion. 
         i toured the region personally, to form these conclusions. 
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