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12147az megaflood

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  • mike white
    Apr 27, 2014
         the headline says the megaflood cause for the grand canyon was debunked.  however, when you read the geologist's article, he merely states it was not caused by a dam break in hopi lake. 
         the professor didnt include fieldwork in the grand canyon, examining the patterns of erosion.  another geologist did this study in the canyon, and stated there was no doubt but massive floodwaters are responsible for cutting most of the grand canyon, and incredibly the floods flowed in both directions!  of course, the colorado river could only cut a bed gradually in one direction.  let those who would dispute this, search for the other report themselves, it was years ago, and i forgot his name.  he was probably discredited, but his findings still stand.  to our lads, a hypothesis fails if a source for the floods is not named. 
         the experts fail to consider vertical plate movements, poleshifts, and massive tsunamis caused by cosmic impacts in the sea.  they love to cite theories given by the experts of the past, even if they lack substance, but new ideas are rejected offhand.  the earth sciences need to do some house cleaning, examine their facts more closely, and do a retake on all that was swept under the rug. 
         they should reconsider the causes listed above.  look for evidence to determine if the floods were caused by fresh or salt water.  stop insisting that such events had to have been many mya, without proof. 
         there may have been a huge lake in the southwest as recently as 12,000 years ago.  phylos spoke of it, but thought it was fresh.  like titicaca, an inland sea, caught in a basin, accumulates fresh water atop the heavier salt water, and can mislead folks as to its origin.  plates can uplift, drop, and tilt, and can do all three in a series of events.  the plate drops, the sea rushes inland, then an uplift traps water in a basin, then during a quake the plate is tilted, allowing the water to flood off. 
         the good professor claimed more than his results merited.  i never thought for a minute that the great flood came from above the mogollon rim.  i think only the sea could account for the flood erosion seen in ut, az, and nv.  then, only by a sudden major event, such as a terribly high tsunami, or large vertical plate movements.  the event is likely connected with the megafauna deposits swept into alaska.  the date may lie between 11,000 bce and 3000 bce. 
         its certainly an anomaly requiring deeper study to determine what has caused the distinct signs of massive flood erosion in recent geological times in the southwestern usa, now a high desert.