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12144idaho - yellowstone

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  • mike white
    Apr 14, 2014
         for many years, i have been pondering what the warning of cayce meant, and trying to determine the mechanism that has caused the geological disasters, seen in the terrain, to the southwestern usa. 
         i never dreamt that the cause might be up in idaho.  now, it seems to make sense, at least to me.  the southwest goes up and down, like a piston, from magma surges.  when high, like now, a basalt flood event could soon occur.  during the lava flood from the idaho vents, the southwest could drop, even below sealevel. 
         the safe places, may be northern california, explaining the giant redwoods having survived.  east of the rim in nm may be safe, and montana.  the pacific crest trail may offer an escape route to the north.  beware of the northwest coast, that not destroyed by the basalt flood, may be in danger from the cascade volcanoes or tsunamis.  the colorado plateau may be safe. 
         as you know, i am not an expert, merely do my best to reason it out, using science, that seen with my eyes, the psychics, and intuition.  i do not look for profit or fame, just try to warn people of a possible danger.  when these events begin to happen, there may be little time to react. 
         the shallow bed of the snake river indicates that the last basalt flood was not so long ago.  the lack of space dirt deposits seen in az and nv suggest the same conclusion.