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  • mike white
    Apr 10 5:14 PM
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         one doesnt need a phd in geology to judge that massive ancient floods did occur, only eyes are necessary.  this issue has been argued for generations, as if by blind men.  it has oddly become a battle between factions, science and creationists.  it would be silly to imagine that only one flood occurred.  there are many spiritual people, who can believe the bible story of noah, and still study science, and also use their eyes when travelling. 
         to me, the evidence of massive floods in ancient times is very compelling.  its merely a matter of dating the events, and determining the likely causes. 
         our lads are handicapped by being unaware that the earth has had many poleshift events.  these terrible disasters account for numerous massive flood events, and are responsible for most of the fossil beds.  without substantive proofs our experts are accustomed to cite millions of years have passed since these events happened.  if this were true the flood evidence in stripped soil, and rounded rock faces, would be buried by thousands of feet of deposits, instead of still being on the surface.  for some reason they ignore the amount of space debris that falls to earth daily, that accumulates substantially in the space of a mere thousand years. 
         any free thinker who journeys across az, nv, and ut, cannot help but notice the obvious proofs that massive flooding has occurred probably several times, in both directions, in recent geological time.  hundreds of feet of soil has been carried away in az, leaving mesas to show where the former surface stood.  the present surface of the rim of the grand canyon is that laid down 125 mya.  at least one geologist reported that the grand canyon was not cut in millions of years by the gradual cutting of the colorado river, but that it was cut mainly by flood waters, that went in both directions, onto the land, and later running off.  another geologist noted the massive flood erosion of the southwest, but was ridiculed because he could not account for the cause.  such damage to careers has made other scientists reluctant to speak out with any theories that differ from mainstream dogma. 
         our scientists refuse to accept that poleshifts have occurred, and will do so again.  it seems they ignore the fact that plates have vertical movement, both up and down.  in the andes there is undeniable evidence, that plates have fallen below the sea, and soon after been uplifted thousands of feet. 
         during quakes the seafloor has been thrust up, causing great tsunamis, that flood far inland.  throughout time, meteors and comets, have struck the seas, creating massive tsunamis, that have flooded the continents. 
         its senseless to continue the debate of whether or not noah's flood, can account for all the flood damage seen on the surface of earth.  there may have been dozens of near global flood events during the sojourn of man on earth.  its the principal cause of civilizations being destroyed, and our short history.