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12138Fw: [Ancient-Mysteries] heracles

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  • mike white
    Apr 4, 2014
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      Sent: Friday, April 04, 2014 6:52 PM
      Subject: [Ancient-Mysteries] heracles



         we have discussed the stone bowl found in bolivia called the fuenta magna, or the pig's dish.  i discovered that it depicted baby heracles strangling two serpents.
         it should also be recalled that there were two called heracles.  the original known in tyre and egypt, who lived perhaps 10,000 bce, plus a later one made famous by the greek orphesus.
         the question remains, which of these heracles strangled the serpents as a baby?  it could help us date fuente magna.  the greek vases showing that episode are more plentiful, but older depictions may have been found.  if anyone can help us with this mystery, please do so. 
         the fact that the fuente magna has the classic depiction, along with cuneiform, points to it being the original heracles.  if the later hero, seems like phoenician script would have been used.  possibly the greeks adopted the name, and relocated the events to grecian cities, like thebes.  the voyagers who went to bolivia were likely from tyre, during an assyrian occupation.   the proto-cuneiform indicates an assyrian rule of tyre before our history begins.  it was likely after 10,000 bce, but before 3000 bce. 
         egyptian hieroglyphs were already archaic, and modified by atlantean scribes to hieratic, before the phoenician alphabet was invented.  their alphabet was merely modified frisian runes, or running hand, that was passed on by the magyar.  the vikings later adopted it from the frisians or the magyar.