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12136Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Fw: [Ancient-Mysteries] great labyrinth egypt

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  • mike white
    Jan 21, 2014
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         when i set google earth corrected to the north that existed between 24,000 bce down to 10,000 bce, the causeway that fronts hatshepsut's works, runs east-west.  going by herodotus' description, it must have an entrance corridor behind hattshepsut's works, that would have proceeded north, to a cross corridor.  turning left, or old west, he saw 12 courtyards on either side.  12 facing former north, 12 facing former south.  most of the 3,000 chambers were not seen by him. 
         it looks like the tombs in the valley of the kings, may lie above the labyrinth.  i wonder if any of those tombs have a trap door down to the labyrinth below? 
         i realize that i'm putting forth a unique and radical new theory on the location of the great labyrinth.  i invite the comments of others. 
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