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  • mike white
    Jan 21, 2014
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    Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 12:15 AM
    Subject: [Ancient-Mysteries] Google Earth Placemark: karnak.kmz [1 Attachment]


       ive sent the image a different way, to see if it works better. 
       note on the left, its almost like a causeway, across the works of hatshepsut, and proceding directly to the nile, with karnak on the opposite shore.  this is almost certainly the route that blocks were taken to karnak-luxor. 
       blavatsky claimed that there is orientation evidence at karnak, showing it was built in three phases, or rebuilt after 3 poleshifts.  the last 3 poleshifts were 24,000 bce, 10,000 bce, and 3100 bce.  thus, karnak was first built prior to 24,000 bce, during the golden age! 
       after karnak was completed, the pharaohs finished the labyrinth, which had began as a quarry.  during the reign of hatshepsut, maybe about 9000 bce, the works were completed, and unsettled times, caused her to fear an invasion.  so she decided to place buildings along the causeway to obscure the entrance to the labyrinth.  it may contain records, artworks, and other treasures of egypt, that she wanted to preserve from invaders.  it was a brilliant move. 
       i hope the image shows the details that i mention. 
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