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  • mike white
    Dec 10, 2013
         its odd that cayce mentioned poleshifts in 50,000 bce, 24,000 bce, and 10,000 bce, but said nothing of the disaster of 3100 bce.  i've spent most of my adult life studying his readings, and musing between the lines, looking for implications.  incidentally, doing so had many rewards. 
         the ancients from the distant past have passed down to us the knowledge that every 26,000 years, at the start of aquarius, there is flooding on a global scale.  the scant records that have survived, did not reveal the mystery that caused the flooding - a poleshift, nor did they explain that it was not just rising water, but large waves, that do the damage. 
         from 50,000 to 24,000 is 26,000 years, the natural cycle was intact.  however, the poleshift of 10,000 bce, was only a 14,000 years interval after noah.  this was caused by an accident by atlantean scientists, who mistuned their power station to make war on other nations.  we must factor this change into the time table for the next poleshift. 
         it has been the full 26,000 years since the time of noah, and had the cycle not been disturbed, the next poleshift may have happened already.  it has been delayed, but for how long remains unknown.  even the experts cannot agree when the age of aquarius will begin. 
        furthermore, there must have been a near global disaster circa 3100 bce, that the experts and the mystics, failed to comment upon.  why they remained silent truly puzzles me.  most of the advanced and emerging nations of the world were disturbed at this time, with many taking to boats, invasions, and governments overthrowed.  the old kingdom began in egypt, the indus valley culture disappeared, the jews had their first diaspora, and migrations of people relocated to other lands.  the mix of cultures arriving in yucatan started the mayan culture. 
         i will be bold and call it a minor poleshift, that happened circa 3100 bce.  it was not a naturally occurring poleshift, but was it caused by man, or by cosmic impact?  i favor the latter scenario.  i think the asteroid or comet struck the sea in the western hemisphere.  i have spoken before of the evidence for a glancing blow on the seabed of the caribbean sea, and at cape horn.  i favor the strike in central america for 3100 bce.  tribes of the orinoco retain legends that tell of the event.  advanced cultures collapsed and disappeared in central america.  the megafauna may have been swept away then, later than thought.  great tsunamis swept north over our west and midwest, carrying off hundreds of feet of soil, trees, and almost all life.  it left the canyons and barren terrain of az and ut, and left the great plains treeless. 
        for old-timers on the list, forgive me where i repeat, but i must keep saying it until our lads take it serious enough to consider it.  i don't expect to write a book in the few years that i have left, so rely upon these forums to get my ideas heard. 
         it must have scared the people of the americas to see such a huge rock plunging to earth.  the kill-off must have been terrible, over 40 million megafauna carcases were swept into alaska and siberia.  the heaps must contain the remains of men too.  few could survive such an event, no matter how clever.  much of the seacoasts of the world would have been destroyed by the huge waves. 
         such a mighty glancing blow could change the rotational speed of earth, forming a new equator, and new poles, and changing the length of the day and year.  fertile north africa and arabia became desert.  just 15-20 degrees of poleshift can rapidly turn a million square miles of fertile land into desert.  other coastal lands suddenly became seabed.  the north sea may have swallowed much of the frisian empire.  leaving the later vikings just myths of their former glory.  3100 bce may be when the calendars of the nations changed from 360 days, to 365.25 in a year. 
      my opinion
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