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12127age of silver

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  • mike white
    Nov 22, 2013
         these musings are to be viewed as merely one opinion. 
         i give the age of silver as between 24,000 bce and 10,000 bce.  it began with the great deluge of noah, and ended with the sinking of atlantis. 
         the earth had a much different face in that era.  north america was covered by glaciers, that extended as far as southern ohio.  the north pole was likely in hudson's bay.  the southern tier of the usa from ca to fl was likely settled, except for part of the lower midwest, that may have been encroached by an inland sea.  the people of canada had migrated south.  canada probably had cultures before 24,000 bce.  relics found there will be very young or very old. 
         europe in the silver age was dominated by the hyperboreans.  the upper most portions had a temperate climate.  much of that settled land is now on the seabed.  we might call that time the frisian empire.  it was the age of thor and odin. 
         southern europe was a jungle during the silver age.  fossils of elephants, rhinos, and hippos, date from that time.  central and southern europe was likely almost empty of human settlements.  greece may have been south of the equator then.  the pottery found with the anomalous magnetic dip may have been pre 10,000 bce. 
         the oldest relics of europe will likely be found in the upper most portions.  most of europe was, unoccupied by humanity, jungle for 14,000 years, followed by an ice-age from 10,000 bce to 3,000 bce, the time of the reindeer culture. 
         as can be seen, north america and europe, have alternately suffered most by extreme climate change, during the last 26,000 years.  we might expect the same to continue. 
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