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12122zodiac - age of aquarius

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  • mike white
    Sep 7, 2013
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      Sent: Friday, September 06, 2013 6:11 AM
      Subject: Re: [Ancient-Mysteries] zodiac


         while writing the last, I stumbled on the fact that two of the former most terrible poleshifts happened at the start of the age of aquarius, that of 52,000 years ago, and that of 26,000 years ago.  yet, cayce stated that they were caused by man!  lets not be hasty in thinking that cayce made an error.  it could be, at the start of the age of aquarius, it doesn't take much to reach the threshold, to cause the polar axis to shift. 
         our lads should be very careful not to use nuclear weapons!  any great explosion could make a poleshift occur.  billions could perish very fast.  as I recall from cayce, in 50,000 bce, the use of explosives, fired methane in a huge underground chamber, and the blast caused a poleshift.  a mistake on an oil rig today could do the same.  noah's poleshift of 24,000 bce was caused by an explosion at a power station near the present sargasso sea.  it could result from a mistake at a nuclear reactor, or an impact from space. 
         our scientists haven't got a clue to any of this!  poor humanity!!  to prevent or delay the poleshift, man should do a controlled melting of polar ice - keeping the mass at each pole in balance.  start at the south pole.  just calfing icebergs could do it.  these guys will not listen to a peer voicing such theories - so there is no hope that they will consider seriously any words of mine.  its inevitable, just a matter of time.    an entire continent could suddenly become seabed during a poleshift.  there are no winners.  like cassandra - nobody will listen.  just as well learn how to make clovis points again soon. 

      Sent: Friday, September 06, 2013 2:31 AM
      Subject: [Ancient-Mysteries] zodiac


         looking up the word 'zodiac' in google, brought up so much misinformation, that I was moved, though not an expert, to speak up.  several academics had much to say about it, and pretended that their opinion was most certain, being supported by archaeology.  most of us realize, that there is little substance to be gained from that bunch, or the geologists.  both fields are noted for grasping at errors, then supporting them with vigor, in spite of hard evidence to the contrary. 
         our lads speak of the zodiac being born a mere 2,000 years ago, or 300 bce at the earliest.  I was appalled that any scholar could actually believe such a thing.  they cite the denderah ceiling zodiac, as if it would prove their dating.  yet it shows two virgos, depicting knowledge of tens of thousands of years of accurate star gazing. 
         they continue to say that the babylonians learned from the sumerians.  if they read archaeology, shouldnÂ’t they know that the culture of akkad was far older than sumeria, and the latter adopted most from them?  sumeria was seafloor for thousands of years after a high culture arose in mesopotamia.  it was made up of traders, and rowing crews, from the nations, and grabbed bits of culture from all of the great powers that preceded them. 
         I suppose the idea of the zodiac may have arrived with the atlantean sages.  it arose among the emerging nations, probably right after the demise of atlantis circa 10,000 bce.  it could be considerably older. 
         a book I read years ago should be sought, "star names - their lore and meaning".  it was one of the best reference books ive found on the subject.  it made it clear that the science of astrology and the zodiac are found among the oldest relics of humanity.  knowing its value, the ancients took pains to preserve that wisdom.   the astrology of india and chaldea are the oldest, and cayce said the latter was most accurate. 
         I cant prove it, but I think that earth is going backwards thru the signs of the zodiac, called precession.  this may have began about 52,000 years ago, when earth flipped over 180 degrees in space.  the southern hemisphere was placed under the northern stars.  maybe it graphically depicts how man has degraded during this long age.  two great cycles have elapsed since that time.  the precession of the zodiac is a cycle just under 26,000 years.  it would seem the marching order begins with aquarius. 
         as said before, I think its of the utmost importance to see our times as the end of a great cycle.  we are at the time of another great deluge, another ark and noah.  with the start of the golden age, will earth flip back over 180 degrees, to advance thru the zodiac properly? 
      michael white

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