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  • mike white
    Jul 13, 2013
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         its hard to see the advantage of such a building, if all they had was a small hollow tube for star gazing.  this building seems to be the best preserved.  im not sure at what site it is found.  the observatory of chichenitza is most often depicted.  its dome has mostly fallen.  why would it require such a wide stairs, for a few astronomers to enter?  if the dome doesnt open, it makes no sense.  it may have graduated marks like calibrations across the dome.  as if for aiming or directing.
         a power station would be lined by a non-conductor substance, like bakelite. 
         its definitely a mistake to believe that the builders were simple people, with low technology.  this was more true of the last cultural phase, after circa 3000 bce.  our current dating method assumes that there was only one starting date for the long count, 3107 bce, when there were likely several, like the about 5000 year yugas of the hindus.  
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         notice the similarity between the mayan sacbes, and the inca roads.  in both cases, they were raised limestone roads, often edged by rocks.  sacbe means white road. 
         the yucatan had an extensive road system, that can still be seen with google earth.  hopefully, the academics will map these routes, before all traces disappear.  it makes it much easier to find ancient ruins by just following the sacbes.  it looks as though they marked them every .22 miles with something like a herme or milepost. 
         our lads have identified circular mayan buildings, thought to be observatories for sky gazing.  its known that they did use short tubes with diminishing inner diameter for that purpose.  these structures should be carefully examined, to be sure that they were not power stations. 
      mayan sacbe
      inca roads

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