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12114Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] basalt flows

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  • mike white
    Jun 26, 2013
      basalt lava flows
         mt st helen erupted 1km3, deccan flow was 500,000 cubic km of basalt lava.  the experts remain baffled by such a huge eruption.  much gas likely was expelled during these events, which could have effected global climate.  some say this event could have killed off the dinosaurs.  to cover such a huge area, equal to the states of oregon and washington combined, to a depth over a mile - points to the flow traveling at very high speed.  the heat and gas released would make the killing zone over twice as large.  luckily these events havent happened in recorded history, or nobody survived to tell the tale.  our lads really have no method to accurately date these events.  the hills with layers of basalt in india, show distinct details, much like oregon, with little soil deposit above them.  they could be far more recent than thought.  the events were just as terrible as the eruption of super volcanoes, perhaps causing a greater global disaster.  oddly, our lads seldom mention these events, maybe because they know so little about them.  the universities should be doing field surveys to study these events.  maybe they can date the strata and remains beneath the flows.  again, probably not mya. 
         it sounds like in some flows, air and gases were trapped in blisters or bubbles of basalt.  these can be tested, and identified.
         it must be hard for uniformity geologists to discuss such events. 
         iceland and canada have had basalt flows events in modern times.  the moon surface also shows massive basalt flow events.  siberia too had a massive flow event. 
         another class of great disaster, that they know little about, are labeled igneous provinces. 
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      columbia river basalt flows
         im just realizing the significance of the eruptions in idaho.  as i understand so far, instead of a volcanic cone, the lava poured up from vents.  they date 3 events in idaho, from 17mya to 15.5mya - its best to not rely on their dating, ignore the guesses.  one of the eruptions, called grande ronde, ejected lava volume of 148,700 cubic kilometers!!  incredible.  further, that the vents are 300-400 km from the known yellowstone hot spot.  vents would be more prone to water pouring in like a drain, than a volcano.  this can be explosive, from steam as well.  they say three events, but some sites showed multi-layers of basalt flows, far more than three.  it had the appearance of not much time between events.   try to find compelling reason to believe their dating of these flow events. 
          here its said over 300 events.  for people in the region, it will be like the world coming to an end.  imagine lava 1 km deep, over 148,700 sq km!  it has the look of fast moving lava, such as from an explosion.  there must be a hot spot under idaho as well as yellowstone.  if the basalt rock covered such a huge area, imagine how far beyond that was reached by the killing hot gases.  the flow of lava reached from idaho to the pacific ocean. 
         the experts should be looking to see if there is any compelling evidence that the eruptions were more recent than 15 mya.  these vents could be the pressure relief valves for a hot spot, with lava pooled near surface.  there is certainly no reason to think that it will not continue to happen.  it could put many people in peril, including portland oregon. 
         its no wonder that our continent was sparely settled in different periods.  the southeast is covered with red clay deposit from meteorites, and impact craters.  the northwest has signs of former tsunamis, and huge lava flows.  the west coast is often shook by quakes and wild fires.  the central and western portions show evidence of having been seabed, and having been swept by floods.  glaciers have advanced several times.  with the tornadoes and hurricances, our land presents a multitude of hazards. 
         peru and mexico probably were aware of the geological history of our land, and their masses were in no hurry to migrate.  we only know 400 years of history of north america.  we have had numerous disasters in almost every portion.  its just a matter of accurately determining when they last occurred, and how often they happen.  our short lifespan makes us complacent to events that could occur every few hundred or thousands of years.  its still wise, to look around, and observe the signs, that point to former disasters.  not good to live on a volcano, etc. 
         there are clear signs of even greater convulsions of nature in south america.  it could be true all over the world, the land is not as stable and safe, as we would like to think.  thats why humanity only has 5,000 years of history. 
          these basalt vents in idaho should be taken very seriously.  they could kill everything within 250,000 square miles, suddenly and explosively.  as far as i can determine, these vents are being ignored. 
         they say yellowstone super volcano erupts every 600,000 to 800,000 years, yet they only find evidence of a few events.  they find over 300 events connected to the idaho vents - which makes me think they were more recent, and more often.   this is one scary region, to enter at your own risk. 
          generally speaking, if the basalt flow is near the present surface, it was not mya, in my opinion.  there is 15 feet of soil over roman surfaces, 25 over greek.  nature has a way of filling in and covering the surface fairly rapidly, the sphere is constantly growing larger from space dust. 

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