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12105former sea encroachments

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  • mike white
    Jun 18, 2013
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         unsure why the geologists have came to their conclusions in our southwestern usa.  looking at the terrain with sat google earth imagery, one can see the basin of the former sea.  it had covered most of nevada, half of utah and arizona, and part of s ca.  the salt lakes and flats, and the long reach of salt found in every basin - tells the tale.  the sea had reached to about present 5500 feet.  the sea had entry at the sea of cortez, and/or across mexico to the gulf. 
         all of the rock shows signs of wave erosion, not rain or wind.  much soil carried away, hundreds of feet in parts, points to high powerful waves.  one expert reported that the grand canyon has signs of being mostly carved by wave action, from both directions!  as if, more than one event was involved. 
         i admit, its hard to believe.  theory and dogma, must give way to that seen with the naked eye, and common sense.  the sea or the land, had a different elevation, for a while.  logic points to this section or plate, having went up and down, at various times in the past.  north and south america, being solidly connected, exert forces upon each other.  being along a subduction zone makes elevator plate movements more common, violent, and sudden.  maybe the same event that recently uplifted parts of the andes, also uplifted our southwest.  we have cuzco, titicaca, and tiwanaku of the andes, suggesting a major recent uplift of those mountains.  many high altitude salt lakes in the andes too. 
         both regions show evidence of having arisen after the appearance of cultured man.  our lads need to address this point!  they may want to revise their many mya dating.  the southwest has not recovered much from the uplift.  its much like one might expect from a land that was seabed a few thousand years ago.  see nivens' digs in the valley of mexico, where cultured cities were twice destroyed by floods.  the salt flats have little to no deposit, from the space dust that constantly falls to earth.  the last event could not have been mya. 
         this information is crucial and of the utmost importance to millions of people, yet remains undiscussed, and uninvestigated, by those concerned, and those who have that responsibility. 
         the cosmic impacts to the south, that have been discussed, may not be responsible, for the multiple events that are noted.  i suppose the same locale could be struck by meteorites in different eras.  we likely have to factor in different causes for these events.  both, elevator plate movements, and impact tsunamis.  no doubt these regions hosted man off and on thru the ages, even though most traces of former cultures have been washed away.   a portion of nm must be included in the plate.  this plate is near its highest level now, so the next event, may cause it to drop.  phoenix and las vegas could disappear below the sea.  the land falling a mile suddenly, would be frightening.  on both continents, we find valleys between ranges uplifted, as if magma was forced in below.  the same forces that cause eruptions, can cause plate uplift, or valleys to rise.  the region involved in our southwest is near 100,000 square miles!   a tipping of the basin, that spilled the seawater out, could cause the plate to uplift, or rebound.  like the retreat of a glacier.  a tipping of the former level has been noted at titicaca.  the grand canyon, like the canyon at la paz, may have been the drains of former inland seas, after the land tilted. 
         at least, this sounds more plausible to me, than the mainstream academic conclusions.