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12062Fw: [Ancient-Mysteries] ramases chronology

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  • mike white
    Dec 4, 2012
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      Before this in [Prehistory?] Rameses II, the forces were that of the Priest [Ra-Ta] who became the outcast from the court, yet the remains were cast in this tomb.
         rameses two was perhaps the most vain of the pharaohs, yet he didnt carve his name on the great pyramid.  perhaps, because it wasnt actually built by him.  it would be wrong and sacriligious to steal the credit due to Hermes and Ra Ta. 
      13. In the one before this we find in the Egyptian forces, when the Pharaohs were in that land, and under the second shepherd King, or second Pharaoh, we find the entity, in that entity then known as Isiso [Ra-Ta period - See 341-10, Par 5-A, on 6/2/25.
         this confirms that the ramases were the line of the shepherd kings. 
      the hyksos were called the shepherd kings, coming from armenia, i suppose. 
      40. The entity then was the daughter of pharaoh, and a sister of Bithiah who nurtured and brought up Moses as her son.
      49. (Q) Please give the name of the pharaoh who was the father of the entity.
      (A) Rameses. Rameses II.

         this has the appearance of conflict and error.  we have readings that place rameses two at 10,500 bce.  another that gives 5500 bce for exodus.  now, we are told rameses two was the pharaoh during the exodus.  it would seem that he was 5,000 years old, when the red sea closed on him, ending his life.  its known that this pharaoh out-lived most of his hundreds of children.  he built kv5 as a tomb for them.  all i can say, is that it was possible then using sed festival regeneration, to live that long.  its a bit hard to believe, that exposed to the teaching then available, and purified, that he would not see the hand of God in those activities.  i admit great surprise at this!  i did find a single place in the bible that said a ramases ruled during the exodus.  apparently, the body of ramases two was recovered, for our lads claim to have his mummy.  no mention that he drowned. 
         its possible that extended reigns of the ramases dynasty may have led to the chronology problems in the kings list of egypt.  even today, few could accept such a long lifespan. 


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