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12060Fw: [Ancient-Mysteries] ramases chronology

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  • mike white
    Dec 4, 2012
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      Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2012 11:10 AM
      Subject: [Ancient-Mysteries] ramases chronology


      23. In the plane before this, we find that as known in the dynasty of the Rameses or Pharaohs in Egypt, and in the Court and rule of the Second Pharaoh [341] or Rameses, [10,500 B.C.] and was at that time the high priest of the cult as gave the religious element and force in the age, and reached the heights in that dynasty, yet was cut short in the allowing of physical forces and desires to enter in, and the taking of the daughter [538] of the order of the one who offered the sacrifices for the priest's force, and going or leaving the shores of this country brought the destructive elements to the body.
         i had neglected to find this info in cayce, but had came to the conclusion by another route, that those before the ramases dynasty were atlantean.  most who have seen the mummy reported to be ramases the great, say that he had semitic features.  by definition, this would date him after the time of abraham, that even i have difficulty dating before 6000 bce.  adjustments may need to be made. 
         the readings seem to tell us that the ramases dynasty was founded by the shepherd kings from carpathia, maybe called the hyksos, that followed soon after the atlanteans.  calling them semitic may be a fallacy, they were of the white race, and had been in carpathia long before the ancestors of abraham had ventured from india to ur.  abraham may be a corruption of a brahman. 
         this is in accord with the poleshift dating that i reviewed, based on the alignments noted in the two building phases at amarna. 
         its difficult to see the works of ra ta in the time of ramases the great.  the ramases were thought to have returned egypt to its former worship.  the title has the name 'ra' within it, which is as one might expect from that era.  seeing 'ram' may have been an error.  im unsure if ra was worshipped before that time, it may have been the deification of ra ta.  before his time, the chief deity may have been Amen or Aten.  not sure when Osiris reigned, for the wife of ra ta was isis.  could ra ta and Osiris be one and the same?  his works may indicate that he was the savior or chief avatar of that era.  maybe orion holds a shepherds staff, not a bow. 
         i will be reviewing the readings as time allows. 

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