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  • mike white
    Oct 26, 2012
         there is a discussion of fuente magna going on in the ancient-mysteries group that i also host.  a member claiming to be a 'real archaeologist' has put forth that the bowl is a hoax, a 'candy dish' worked with a screwdriver. 
         other:  i interviewed the son of dr cabrera at ica.  he was kind enough to give me a few hours of his time, and gave me access to both storerooms housing the ica stones. 
         he says that real ica stones are etched with continous lines, like the figures at nazca.  such a unique method may point to a common origin. 
         i never determined whether the ica stones have been accepted as real relics by the peruvian authorities, and are illegal to remove from the country.  im told that at least one museum has ica stones on display, but they were not seen at the major museums that i visited in lima or ica. 
         as said before, the ica stones are housed in a colonial building, over 400 years old, which is very subject to earthquake destruction.  the stones shatter if dropped.  many were lost during the quake of 2007. 
         the curator sr cabrera will not allow even a single stone to leave the country for study.  i hate to say it, but it may be better if he placed the ica stones back in the hills where they were found, since they survived long ages at that location. 
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