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  • mike white
    Sep 7 4:51 PM
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         his link will not open the article to non subscribers.  try this link for the info. 

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         its been a few years since I spoke of this, so I offer it to the new members.  little is known of the diffusion of indo-european languages.  I know of two camps, those who think it was spread by aryans, and others who think the line of noah were responsible.  let me throw a few more factors into the mix. 
         first of all, I don’t think it would have been possible, without a sea link thru suez.  the great distance, and inhospitable terrain would have prevented much cultural transfer.  trade itself was very difficult and costly.  at different times, pharaohs did open canals between the nile and red sea.  their engineers never solved the silting up problem, so these were of short duration.  I suggest that before 3000 bce there was a sea link at suez, called the straits of zeus, suez spelled backwards. 
         its known that dionysus conquered india.  he was deified by later generations.  there was a second coming of dionysus [sp?].  it was so long ago that I have not been able to even guess the date of either.  he brought the first elephants back to greece, and ivory was heavily used.  our lads might be able to determine a date from the first appearance of indian elephant ivory.  before that they had mainly african or fossil ivory. 
         its likely that dionysus was pelasgian, another name for magyar.  these people were first to write with runes.  over the ages these people had overran europe, north africa, and asia, several times.  they are excellent candidates for those who spread indo-european languages.  their origin remains uncertain before they reached the black sea region, but it is reasonable to assume they came from the americas, which included atlantis.  all of the candidates for the spread of these languages had atlantean roots.  the latvian language has much similarity to sanskrit, even today.  an old map showing the world before 26,000 bce, shows islands of atlantis that sank then, one was og, the other arya.  after 10,000 bce the magyar were the dominant force in europe, north africa, and asia. 

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