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  • david collins
    Sep 4, 2010
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      Hi Mike,
      This may be outside the group box but a few years ago my wife experienced a Kundalini awakening as a result of some healing work that I had been performing. After this she commenced channelling a collective consciousness.  Part of her awakening included the development of an ability to journey (as in shamanic journeying) and she was also talking in a foreign language which we were told through the channelling was an ancient language that everyone has spoken in earlier (much earlier) incarnations.  The channeling is still available when required for our spiritual growing but not available for frivolous questions
      It seems that the Atlantis that you speak of was a world wide culture and there have been more than one cataclysm (four) in the past.
      I once spent several amazing hours listening to my wife and two other "mediums", "shamen", call them what you will, discussing events in their shared life experience there.  It seems that the portion of Atlantis which Plato referred to was called Garnoa, which apparently translates as "Great Garden".  All the more interesting when one considers the existence of Minoah.  Did this mean " small garden"?  I regretted at the time that I was not a capable linguist. But maybe there is someone out there who recognises the Garnoah/Great Garden translation.

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         cayce said that all mankind had one language on earth until about 26,000 bce, the time of noah's flood.  the earth is a big place, with widely separated people, so how could that have been true?  telepathy seems the only answer, for there were advanced cultures before that time, with sophisticated arts and sciences. 
         the bible speaks of that time, when men were divided.  it was shortly after the flood, that nimrod built his cities, and his line, with that of noah, spread the indo-european languages.  work on the tower of babel was discontinued, due to the confusion of languages. 
         cayce said that the confusion of languages began on atlantis, and spread from there, apparently by the flood survivors. 
         how strange that the faculty of telepathy would have been collectively lost at near the same time on a global scale.  other than divine intervention, I cannot imagine another cause. 
         if what I have surmised is close to the truth, we may be able to consider that telepathy probably used the same thought pictures to mean the same thing to all people.  the new languages and particularly scripts, may have been based on these common images.  this may be why the earliest languages used hieroglyphs, and pictures, like in egypt, mexico, and china.  these deductions may assist us in transliterating the earliest scripts.
         its possible that we may never find a written language older than 26,000 bce, for the above reasons.  im inclined to think that telepathy was commonly used before 50,000 bce, but was in decline afterwards, and was lost by 26,000 bce.  in the earlier era, man could control the giant beasts by mental suggestion, but with the loss of that faculty these predators became a menace. 
         to a lesser extent, even today, mystics and adepts can influence creatures with mental suggestions.  at times, I have been able to do it. 
         men, especially kings, are vain, so when we see a great construction like angkor wat, or the great pyramid, with no huge inscription declaring who built it, one wonders if it were built before writing, or left unsigned by deity. 

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