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  • mike white
    Nov 9, 2009
         i went back to review jim allen's work on atlantis in bolivia.  he has created a better site since my last visit.  i didnt find a link to this group, or to my extensive work on atlantis, or the cayce readings on it.  im sure he would be interested in a portion of my comments.  i can agree with much of what allen reports, but think its quite a leap to conclude the continent of atlantis was in bolivia, that went up instead of down.  its true the canals were there, and atlantis may have sourced their metals there, as it was a colony of atlantis.  he made a connection to the elamite headdress, whereas i found correspondence with writing found at orura with proto elamite.  no doubt the early metal merchants from mesopotamia had been there.  the very name tiwanaku, has 'anaku', a root relating to metal in assyrian language if i recall correctly.  it was mentioned here long ago.  i like his site though, and envy his exploring of the andes.  a dream of mine that has been postponed too long.  ive been busy investing in houses in the suburbs of atlanta, renovating and renting them.  hopefully, when i get them leased, they will fund more world travel.  i still hope to spend time in the andes, mexico, egypt, and greece. 
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