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  • michael
    Nov 9, 2009
      it may be of interest to mention something i learned from the works of pausanias. many find the size and mass of ancient altars incredible, calling them megaliths, and great single cut stones. the ancients had a method of collecting the ash from the thigh bones burned of sacrifices, and making a paste of it, that they applied to the altar, like concrete. over centuries, they were able to create the appearance of a massive altar 'stone'this way. so it didnt involve the cutting and carrying of immense blocks from the quarry.
      i was surprised to read that dionysius [sp] was said to have conquered india at the dawn of greek history. im of the opinion that suez was a strait back then. he brought back elephants that he used in the first triumph. it would be near impossible to march these beasts across the arabian desert, lacking the volume of fodder that they require daily. there was a plentiful supply of ivory in greece from the earliest times. i tend to push the date of greek culture back to circa 26,000 bce now, when the offspring of noah and nimrod arrived. it would be as hard to prove as disprove.
      for some reason, the translator failed to include some of his writings on geography that spoke of islands in the ocean to the far west, and where he spoke of the atlantians. if someone locates those portions, please pass the info along.


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      > for those interested, im reviewing on my ancient-mysteries list, pausanius' 'description of greece'.
      > mike
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