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11441clues to various origins

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  • mike white
    Feb 4, 2009
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         the racial characteristics of the jews are discussed.  author says the anatomical facts show that modern jews lack semite features, and are more like hittites.  its interesting, but a bit contradicting.  it contends that semites have dolichocephalic skulls, while hittites have round skulls.  modern jews have round skulls and hooked noses, much like hittites. 
         abraham came from ur of the chaldeans.  it was recently determined that chaldeans and the hittites used the same script, and were the same people.  so hittites, chaldeans, and semites, both arab and jew, should share the same racial anatomy.  going a step further, or backward, they are all descended from magyar stock, imho. 
         im of the opinion that the dolichocephalic skulls are of the antediluvian, pre-flood, that were common in the americas before 10,000 bce.  since i believe that the magyar migrated from the americas into europe, asia, and africa after the flood, it doesnt surprise me that their ancestors might have dolichocephalic skulls.
         the fact that modern jews have predominantly round skulls can only indicate more racial mixing as a result of their wide ranging travels and the great length of time involved. 
         we know that the captivity of the jews transferred them to babylon, and later into the black sea region occupied by the magyar tribes.  instead of giving round heads, this should have returned the jews to a closer racial purity, imho.  i can only think the round head is a more modern adaptation from the mixing while in europe. 
         iran, formerly persia, and media, was long the home of the magyar race - yet, finds suggest they were round-headed, and dolichocephic skulls were an anomaly. 
         the book im reading of russian voyages, tells of the natives of the aleutian islands.  its said they resemble mongolians, so they assumed that they came from asia, as usual, instead of considering that both they and the mongolians originated in the americas.  the natives had a tradition of puncturing below the lower lip to insert objects, and plucking body hair.  neither are known in asia, but are traditions in the americas.  the hole below the lips is found among tribes of the amazon or orinoco.  the islands have volcanoes but much of the rock is granite. 
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