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11304Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] khymer?

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  • mike white
    Nov 3, 2008
          the author states that siam has no place in history before 638ce when buddhism was introduced.  [ this is an incredible statement, for a land so fortunate in climate and productivity, and indicates a total loss of a long history. ] 
         they speak of the sacred pali or bali language, tending to confirm my suspicion that the center of the ancient culture was bali, and not imported from india. 
         texts written on palm leaves are not enduring, so must be copied often.  most of the manuscripts of this type still extant were copied in the 18th and 19th c ce, but the texts may be hoary with age. 
         the use of the unwritten pali language also negates the idea that the culture of this region was recently imported from india.  if that were true it would have been written in sanskrit from the start.  its possible that Gautama Buddha adopted older ideas given in the pali language.  the veil of time may prevent us from ever knowing the origin of buddhism.  its definitely profound thought, the product of a wise and mature culture.  the author of this book was ignorant in speaking badly of it.  one wonders if the ancient builders of the monuments of southeast asia, like angkor wat and the temples of bali, had spoken the pali language.  i really hope that it is preserved and not lost. 
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