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11298Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] khymer?

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  • jdaintira@aol.com
    Nov 2, 2008
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      In a message dated 11/1/2008 3:50:30 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time, infoplz@... writes:
      no nation in 1100 ce would have built such elaborate stone structures with such wonderful carvings and artwork, and failed to put written inscriptions, taking credit for their work
      Why not? 
      You may well be right, of course, but I think that we have to be really careful about attributing our own beliefs and values to other cultures, especially such ancient ones.
      They may well have thought that they were the top bananas and could not imagine anyone not knowing who they were or needing to sign their work.
      Also, remember that the Lemurians, at least, communicated telepathically, so the need to write things down would be greatly diminished.
      Something that I have learned is how hard it is for any culture in a jungle area to preserve writing as so many of the materials used to record the record are fast done in by damp, mold, and bugs.
      For so long there was the assumptions that the tribes of Africa were not advanced because they had no writing.
      With little stone suitable for incised writing, they took a different tact.
      Among the Yoruba, for example, there were families who were the oral scribes, and the position was passed down, and all the history of the tribe, and the names and accomplishments of rulers, etc., were memorized and could take many hours to recite.
      Of course, through an European "invasion" with enslavement and kidnapping to other continents and new diseases, and it became very possible for a tribe to lose much if not all of its history.
      Many African tribes seem to have used some version of this memorized oral history, and many of those enslaved in the US made use of that tradition. It is the reason that so many black families were able to trace their roots through many generations and back to Africa, such as Alex Hailey.  It was kept alive and whispered in the dark.
      I believe that people who can do this are still around in many lands where the old cultures are now ruins - the Watchers in Egypt, the Quero in Peru, etc.  Why not in SE Asia?
      ~ Judith Marie

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