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  • mike white
    Nov 1, 2008
         we have evidence of cradle boards being used to imitate the look of the ancient atlantean rulers in mesoamerica.  i think the use of ear spools was similar, in that they were trying to look like the lemurians, that may have had long ears naturally.  we have mention of ancient long ears in easter island culture.  there are depictions of long earred people in india, thailand, cambodia, bali, and java.  some of those shown have no ear spools. 
         its curious that the inca noble class were called long ears, orejones.  yet they used ear spools to stretch their lobes artificially, apparently imitating the lemurians, even though their race was derived from frisian or magyar, that are not noted for long ears. 
         imitating atlanteans of 10,000 bce is strange among the mesoamericans, but continuing to imitate lemurians from 50,000 bce is even more incredible.  those are very enduring traditions.  at least with the atlanteans their were skulls found showing the dolichocephalic shape, plus monuments with painted murals depicting their looks, but few relics from the lemurians remained after so long a time to perpetuate it.  it hints that there may have been records from these earlier cultures still in existence in later times, probably destroyed by the spaniards.  what a shame! 
         the americas are the true 'old world', and were the best time capsule for early human cultures.  the conquest wanted to put the spin on them as savage heathens, so that nobody would fault them for robbing, killing, and exploiting them.  so they burned all traces of the high culture they could. 
      there must be ample evidence of these former cultures under ground.  its just a matter of time until they excavate deep enough to uncover some amazing discovery in mexico, ecuador, or peru.  the question remains, will they recognize relics of 50,000 years ago, when they find them?  cayce said we have already found a temple or pyramid in mexico from the first culture, and misdated it.   so whats new?
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      Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2008 6:50 AM
      Subject: Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] khymer?

         i expect that more similarities can be found between the ancient cultures of southeast asia and mexico.  my findings tend to confirm edgar cayce, that the same mother culture affected both areas, that known as lemuria. 
         no nation in 1100 ce would have built such elaborate stone structures with such wonderful carvings and artwork, and failed to put written inscriptions, taking credit for their work.  the ruins of cambodia are from a much earlier era, imho. 
         we should compare the art styles and motifs to that of the ellora caves of india, which are also misdated.  the same silly chronology was used to date the temples and ruins of java and bali.  all probably date to before 10,000 bce, when written language was necessary. 
         blavatsky discusses much of this, and notes that its much older than thought.  she said no buddhist influences were depicted.  im beginning to reconsider that, now that it seems likely that buddhism began thousands of years before guatama buddha.  the long-ears also point to the possible anatomy of lemurians, its depicted throughout pacifica. 
         so little is known of remote human history, that the lack of proof does not negate it. 
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      Sent: Friday, October 31, 2008 10:33 PM
      Subject: Re: [Precolumbian_ Inscriptions] khymer?

      Great info and links, Mike.
      I continue to see strong similarities to some of the Mayan ruins, particularly the Yucatan Puuc sites and Copan or parts of Ceibel and Aguateca in the Peten of Guatemala, and then the Elephants to the rows of Sphinx and Rams at Luxor in Egypt.
      There may actually be roads hidden under generations of vegetation.  Although I do agree with you that the rivers were major highways for travel and trade.
      There are some very ancient connections which have been lost to our history which has been so focused on northern European males.  I believe strongly in a Pan Pacific trading civilization made up of many nations.
      ~Judith Marie

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