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  • mike white
    Oct 1, 2008
         im rereading hiram bingham's 'inca lands'. 
         he wasnt a very good observer.  he became obsessed with climbing mt coropuno, and overlooked petroglyphs, etc, on the way. 
         this is a discussion group, its awful quiet.  i had hoped for commentary and participation.  i had stated our generation is 'vain', in that they thought themselves more advanced and evolved than ancient man, and got a brief rebuttal.  unexpected, but elaborate if you wish. 
         the expedition was well-funded, and staffed, but ive yet to read any reports from the other members. 
         bingham claimed the quechua were of the brown race.  i think this was an error, he may have got that impression from a few of mixed-race.  humboldt met many in columbia who claimed to be of the white race, but were black. 
         he cited poznansky as saying that tiwanaku had been at sealevel during its early occupation, and had trapped an inland sea with the uplift.  he disagreed with that conclusion.  yet he thought montessino was one of the best historians, i agree, but was surprised he thought so. 
         a tourist would have noticed more important details of tiwanaku that bingham.  he was credited with discovering machu picchu, but it was noted on the maps of others before him. 
         he commented upon the invasion from the southeast during pachacuti's reign circa 800 ce, and said the invaders were evicted from their home territory by giants. 
         his map seems to place ollantaytambo wrong, halfway to cuzco from machu picchu. 
         montessino also thought ecuador was home to ophir, great-grandson of noah. 
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