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10681Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] decalogue hebrew among crespi relics

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  • mike white
    Mar 1 6:11 AM
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         The decalogue square hebrew script was not known or commonly used in the historical period until about the 6th c ce.  one expert replied that it derived from the aramaic, but i dont see a connection.
         the samaritans may help us solve this mystery.  they were a tribe from northern mesopotamia that migrated to palestine in the first millennium bce.  they used the square script, and claimed to descend from the northern tribes of israel.  dna tests confirm their jewish descent from the paternal side. 
         the jews only know of one diaspora, that of the 6th c bce when taken captive to babylon.  cayce revealed that there had been an earlier diaspora of the jews circa 3000 bce.  its my opinion that the square script had been in use before the earlier diaspora, and that the northern tribes took it into captivity to northern mesopotamia.  tenacious jews maintained it in captivity, even though they became known as samaritans.  they preserved an original and unique script invented by the jews, before the appearance of common phoenician and aramaic.  some must have realized this, for the jews to universally begin to use the square script, but it took 400 years. 
         many jews must have escaped, and reached the new world by boats.  this may account for the ancient square script being found in ohio and in ecuador.  its easier to deny it, than to accept the possibility, and look for further proofs, as im doing. 
         we are on the cutting-edge of discovery with this, and should not expect acceptance within our lifetime. 
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